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Our Philosophy

While worshiping beauty, our culture also considers vanity to be a sin. Yet, signs of beauty, such as flawless skin, toned muscles, and healthy nails, are actually signs of health. When you take care of your body, you’re taking care of you.

Meet the Team

Autumn Spielvogel

Spa Owner

A former craft store owner, Autumn became involved in the beauty industry after moving to Jacksonville. There she discovered a need for a more self care focused beauty industry and so open Siren Spas.

A young, brown haired woman esthetician named Ryleigh Harrison holds a box of beauty supplies while smiling

Ryleigh Harrison

Licensed Esthetician

Graduating from Flagler Technical Institute, Ryleigh specializes in facials and all things brows.
“I love being able to create positive images for woman through beauty and skincare.”

Juliana Liontaki

Licensed Cosmetologist

Classically trained at a European beauty school, Juliana specializes in pedicures and French tips.
“Inner beauty is great, but a little mascara and some great nails never hurt.”