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A women's fingers with painted pink nails hover in front of pink and magenta flowers.  Two of the nails have a small black design on them.


Whether it’s a spa pedicure, fancy acrylics, or a simple gel touch up, we can make your nails look flawless.

A woman's arm lays on a table behind oils, candles, and flowers

Spa Treatments

Your skin is your largest organ, but often one of the most neglected. Allow our licensed esthetician to evaluate and heal the damage.

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Siren Spas

Many people neglect self care, rationalizing that it costs too much. At Siren Spas, we’re dedicated to building a healthier you at a cost that fits into your budget. Our team of esthetician and manicurists will perform in depth evaluations in order to locate and eliminate signs of physical stress and premature aging while making you look your best.